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Engelbert Strauss - Germany


Inter Chalet - Netherlands

Inter Chalet has implemented Panasonic network cameras and recorders, to provide a complete security solution to monitor and reduce theft, as well as providing data on customers visiting the site.

Cyber Security Meets Transport Infrastructure

Mike Hewitt, head of next generation networks, transport and public UK at Panasonic Systems Solutions Europe, considers the importance of cyber security and IT resilience when it comes to protecting the rail industry.


Which technologies will fuel the future of ‘last mile’ logistics?

Gary Byrne from Panasonic System Solutions writes on some of the technologies expected to play an important role in the development of last mile logistics in the coming years. With the growth of e-commerce and significant environmental challenges, there is no doubt the industry will have to innovate to stay ahead of the game.

Panasonic’s proactive CCTV

CCTV is often used to find out what happened after an incident. Keith Gillespie of Panasonic System Solutions Europe (PSSEU) considers that, with 99 per cent of current use of CCTV being reactive, there is a need for more proactivity.

When the pram gets too close to the edge

Carl Pocknell, Head of Engineering, discusses how Panasonic's video analytics solutions can keep transport hubs safe and easy to manage.

Solutions Centre showcases the best of Panasonic B2B

A technology showcase of Panasonic’s B2B solutions has been launched at the company’s HQ in Wiesbaden, Germany.

How the logistics industry will embrace robotics?

One of the biggest challenges facing the global logistics industry is whether it will have a sufficiently strong labour force in the next twenty years. In this context, how can global supply chains and logistics companies survive and thrive in the future?

Vislink Enters into Agreement with Panasonic to Bring Unprecedented Video Communications Capabilities to the Rail Industry

Vislink has entered into an agreement with Panasonic System Solutions Europe to collaborate on projects to bring Vislink’s proven video communications technology to the rail industry. This technology has the potential to deliver unprecedented capabilities and enhancements to rail operations.

Why is connectivity so critical for the future of train travel

Consumer hunger for connectivity and data is changing the transport market globally. The average passenger experiences a range of potential engagement points and different technologies as they move through a transport hub onto their mode of transport to reach their final destination.

Thought you knew Panasonic....think again

When you first think of Panasonic as a brand, it may be that TVs or cameras first come to mind. Although consumer electronics represents a minority of Panasonic’s business, with B2B sales accounting for over 70 per cent of global revenues.

What role will Connected Solutions play in meeting the needs of an ageing population?

Over-population, urbanisation, pollution, and scarcity of resources are just some of the factors driving the smart city industry, which in 2020 is expected to be worth anything between US$400 billion and US$1.5 trillion.

Does increased e-commerce threaten the Christmas logistics miracle?

How we, as consumers, prepare for the festive season has changed over the last decade with Christmas wish lists now made on apps and mobile driving online sales. However, perhaps the biggest change affecting retailers has been the demand for instant gratification, with ‘next day’ delivery becoming an absolute necessity.

Is the logistics ‘last mile’ getting shorter?

Urbanisation and our soaring population growth will place pressure on businesses to ensure they deliver millions of items each day to exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Panasonic is engineering the future

What most people won’t realise is that for each of the last three decades Panasonic has been the world’s number one patent applicant. Even against that historical backdrop, it’s my view that there’s never been a better time to join Panasonic.

What Does ‘Smart’ Really Mean?

Almost everything in our world today has become ‘Smart’. Smart cities, Smart homes, Smart TVs…the list is endless. But are the devices, machines and concepts we believe to be ‘Smart', truly ‘Smart’?

Surely it’s time to let technology solve an age-old problem on our railways?

For decades, the industry has attempted to raise public awareness about the inherent dangers and consequences of trespassing, in an attempt to not only save lives but also to mitigate delays and costs.

How Virgin Trains is transforming maintenance through remote monitoring

Today’s consumers expect real-time, always-on information to be accessible; increasing the pressure on companies to deliver around-the-clock. This is how Virgin Trains is transforming maintenance through remote monitoring. 

Why last mile ‘greening’ is the by-product of an efficient logistics business

13% of the UK’s logistics workforce is in road haulage. And according to the IEA, it generates nearly 23% of CO2 emissions. Going green is a challenge, but one that can be solved using technology.

Legacy buildings are a stumbling block to the adoption of automation in logistics, says new whitepaper

A new whitepaper from Panasonic Business has highlighted the requirement for automation friendly buildings as a key requirement to facilitate the growth of robotics and automation in logistics. 


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